Loop Options
Combine Multiple Loops
Define Plane
Reference Point
Plane Vertices (U=0, V=0)
U1,V1 = 0,0
U2,V2 = 0,1
U3,V3 = 1,0
Vector Properties
Drawing Options
Tick Marks
Transition Time
Gridplot Mini
View Options
Drawing Options
Welcome to Vector Plot!
Vector plot displays the magnetic field of a loop projected onto a user-defined rectangular plane.
Dock dialogues with the blue icons
Restore the default UI layout.
View the manual.
Other things you can do with the User Interface:
  • Sort the windows within the dock, and the browser will remember this order after you reload
  • You can hide the windows you don't want to see by clicking on the title bar
  • You can decrease or increase the size of the dialogue by grabbing the side or corner of any window and dragging
  • You can also undock and drag individual dialogues around by grabbing the dialoges by their titlebars
The state of the UI is stored in the browser's sessionStorage so it can be customized and those settings remembered across sessions. sessionStorage is removed when you close the current tab or browser window. CacheStorage is also used so the webapp is available offline. You can remove this data in the browser's settings.
Release Notes