Welcome to Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd. 

Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd. designs and deploys "always on" TEM systems for surface and down-the-hole EM surverying. Our UTEM systems provide a greater depth of investigation, higher resolution of conductive bodies and dependable interpretation. The unique waveform and design of our UTEM systems enable us to achieve these results. Other transient EM systems have reduced sensitivity to highly conductive targets. The Lamontagne UTEM system maintains a much more uniform target sensitivity and is an ideal choice for deep comprehensive coverage.

Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd. also specializes in software for geophysical exploration and interpretation. MultiloopX models conductors as surface meshes of various shapes in a 3D scene. An online 3C plotter provides an interactive way to visualize your three component EM data as soon as it comes in from the field.