Sierra Gorda Project - Cu-Mo porphyry - Atacama Desert, Chile

... ISR across a feasibility-stage Cu-Mo-Au project

A UTEM Inductive Source Resistivity (ISR) test was carried out in May/June 2011 over the Sierra Gorda Project. The Sierra Gorda Project is located in nothern Chile and consists of a number of copper and copper-molybdenum mineral zones located within the property. The survey was carried out to showcase the capabilities of ISR and as a test of the ISR method as an exploration tool in the search for deposits related to porphyry copper hydrothermal systems.

Sierra Gorda Project ISR - Chile.pdf

The Sierra Gorda ISR survey was presented at the 2013 KEGS Symposium: Copper: Discovery and Delineation. The abstract and the full presentation (presentation 12) are available for download:

Sierra Gorda ISR KEGS abstract.pdf

Sierra Gorda ISR KEGS presentation.pdf