About Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd.

Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd. is a Canadian company based in Kingston, Ontario that specializes in deep geophysical exploration. Cutting edge survey equipment and interpretation technologies, coupled with over 40 years experience, make Lamontagne a trusted name and a leader in Canadian and international geophysics expertise.

Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd. has developed a range of products and services geared at achieving precise results across several types of survey techonologies. Furthermore, Lamontagne offers field crews, equipment and interpretation expertise to aid in the survey process.

Finally, Lamontagne is committed to pushing the envelope of current survey technologies and, as such, maintains a strong research and development curriculum. Lamontagne's headquarters houses a sizable laboratory and research staff, and is continuously raising the limits of survey noise rejection, equipment features, modelling software capabilities and more.