Multiloop II

Multiloop II, a predecessor of MultiloopGL, is a powerful multi-conductor modelling tool for controlled source electromagnetic systems. It calculates the time varying magnetic field in the vicinity of conductive plates excited by an inductive source. Its main intended use is to assist the geophysical interpretation of EM measurements, but its ability to simulate the EM response of multiple interacting plate conductors of finite conductance makes it useful for a wide range of other EM inductions problems. The main restriction of the Multiloop II formulation is that the current is forced to flow as a smooth distribution along a number of concentric ribbons in each plate. The field of the induced distributed current in the ribbons is rendered with a high accuracy even at close range, and all inductive interactions taken in to account. This algorithm provides a very good approximation of the true physical response in absolute amplitude, anomaly shape, and time decay rate for wide rariety of geophysical cases.

Mlp2 Screenshot

Besides interpretation, other geophysical uses include survey planning, detection studies. As an educational tool, Multiloop II provides the capability to create synthetic interpretation problems, test hypotheses, view the field as vector panels, and to teach the system geometries and waveforms of commercial systems by means of tangible examples.

Download the Multiloop II Brochure