3D Modelling of a deep massive sulphide body - NormanWest, Sudbury, Canada

... does the ore zone model explain all of the geophysical response?

Exploration at depths greater than 2000m. The innovation here is the use of MGEM - MultiGrid EM - and BHUTEM in combination to accurately model the response of the NormanWest footwall zone (FW-1) in 3D. This allowed for a better agreement between the geological model and the geophysics to be arrived at - all in one environment. After initial MGEM modelling was completed in 2016, a second phase of modelling generated several targets. The addition of targets to chase increased focus and exploration confidence rose as the predicted model was verified. Drilling has increased the size of FW-1 and confirmed the MGEM targets with the discovery of new ore zones. To date (late 2019) ore tonnes have increased from 9Mt to 23.6Mt (260%).


see also the KEGS 2020 PDAC Symposium - Success from Innovation presentation version:
"3D Modelling of a deep massive sulphide body at Norman West""

KEGS2020 Symposium: BHUTEM/MGEM Norman West