Multiloop III

Multiloop III, a predecessor of MultiloopGL, computes the quasi-static electromagnetic response of complex thin sheet structures. Any waveform and many system geometries are supported. The solution has applications in mining and other geophysical applications (e.g. modelling EM scattering from complex ore bodies) it also has application to a diverse number of problems ranging from environmental mapping to electrical engineering.

Multiloop III is a mesh based solver, and so if a mesh can be built, Multiloop III can generate a scattering solution for it. At the heart of the software lies two unique technologies: a geometrical optimizer that reads the mesh and generates the numerical basis of the solution, and a rapid time-stepper that permits in excess of 2800 nodes to be computed interactively on a notebook computer, and in excess of 8000 nodes on a quad-processor. The geometic optimizer locates holes (as in an annulus) and triple junctions in the mesh without requiring any user interaction.

The software is threaded and can take advantage of multi-processor machines.

White papers, in which Multiloop III results have been compared with scale modelling results and simpler thin plate algorithms, have certified the Multiloop III for the following systems (additional system tests are continually being added):

  1. UTEM
  2. EM-37
  3. HLEM
  4. Fugro Resolve
  5. Fugro Dighem
  6. Fugro Geotem-Megatem
  7. Aerotem
  8. Hummingbird

The following models have been used to certify the accuracy of Multiloop III:

  1. Thin Plates (Numerical model comparison)
  2. Semi Infinite Sheets (Weidelt's Weiner-Hopf solution; Scale models of semi-infinite sheets; Jean's inductive limit image solution)
  3. Anticlines and Synclines (parabolic conductors - scale model comparisons)
  4. Annulus (conductor with a hole & conductor with a variable resistance) (scale model comparison)
  5. Infinite half planes with variable surface resistance (Numerical model comparison)

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