The Multiloop Engine

EM Modelling API

The Multiloop Engine is a powerful server based solver engine with all the capabilities of Multiloop III. It produces scattered field responses and EM friendly meshes via a json formatted multiloop control file.

The control file contains the following information:

  • transmitter loop corners
  • receiver stations
  • vector plane positions
  • waveform and sampling information
  • a description of the mesh or multiple meshes to solve

Example Model

Files for the following example model (pictured) can be used as a guide to build plate and solve for the scattered field response.

mlpx example view

Build Plate File

The build plate file takes in strike, dip and plunge parameters as well as a reference point and U V offset. The resistance can optionally be set here as well.


Multiloop Control File

The multiloop control file takes in all the parameters of a survey that are necessary to solve for the scattered field response at station or vector plane positions.


mlpGL Archive File

The mlpGL archive file can be dropped into the front end environment and includes all survey parameters and settings.