UTEM 4 Borehole - UTEM5 Receiver Interface

The UTEM 4 BH UTEM5 Receiver is equipped with a very intuitive interfacing system.

Features include:

  • Interactive display and controls (controls always live)
  • Monitoring choice raw/oriented/absolute/primary field reduced
  • Auxiliary monitoring: magnetometer, tilt data, raw input signal levels
  • EM display formats: analogue bar graphs, posted values, profiles, vector view, map view
  • Automatic overload monitoring and detection
  • Monitoring of BHUTEM 4 probe battery level, probe leakage, gains, settings, operating mode
  • Remote DBHUTEM 4 probe programming capability
  • Virtual keypad parameter data entry
  • Modeless rotary switch scanning control
  • Tripod legged backpack