UTEM 4 Borehole - UTEM5 Receiver Features

The UTEM5 receiver is a multi-component EM receiver used with the UTEM 4 BH down-hole probe.
The UTEM5 Rx features include:

  • 3-component data acquisition from up to 3 transmitter simultaneously
  • Programmable Pre-Emphasis Deconvolution noise filtering
  • 10┬Ás per component input code rate
  • Ultra high A/D linearity (combined receiver and probe characteristic)
  • 44 bit floating point decimation/filtering
  • Integrated depth counter with 0.2 cm resolution
  • Data monitoring of/with:
    • raw data
    • oriented data
    • primary field reduced data
    • 3 channel signal-monitoring scope function
    • 3 component time series aquistion